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Saving My Assassin by Virginia Prodan


Virginia lived in Communist Romania, the brutal and oppressive regime of Nicolae Ceausescu. She was treated really badly at home with her family, receiving beatings from her Mother. She had to do a lot of chores at home. Virginia made the decision to become an attorney.  She studied hard. Virginia married, had children and she became an attorney in Bucharest. She started defending people who had been affected by the Communist system but she was starting to be targeted for this. Virginia became a Christian. Christians were heavily persecuted in Communist Romania including being killed and just disappearing. Virginia started defending individual believers and churches in the Romania courts. She was putting herself and her family in huge danger by doing this.

The Securitate (secret police) were always following Virginia, spying on her and her family. Also interrogating her and trying to scare her. It’s amazing how God kept her and protected her.  But one time a man was sent to kill her, she was in her office and he pointed his gun at her. Virginia was scared but God gave her peace and told her to share the Gospel with him. So the man who was sent to kill her, she led him to come to faith in Jesus. This man Michael Taut became a Pastor, started a Christian School and his son became a pastor too. Also Michael’s granddaughter was named Virginia after her.  After Virginia led Michael to the Lord Mrs Prodan and her 2 daughters were put under house arrest for about a month. It’s incredible how God provided for them and protected them throughout this time. God strengthened them through people visiting them. Many Christians were praying for them throughout Romania and the American Embassy was always trying to support Virginia. The house arrest ended and President Ronald Reagan was able to give Virginia and her family political-refugee status to live in America.

Despite all the suffering that Virginia went through, God worked mightily in her and she was able to love, pray and minister to her persecutors. That’s God’s kind of love. God gave her great boldness and courage in the face of much danger.  Matthew 5:44 says ‘But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.’

They left Romania in November 1, 1988 to live in Dallas, Texas. About a year later in 1989 Ceausescu’s regime collapsed and Nicolae and Elena were executed. Now Christians in Romania can live out their faith freely. Sadly not long after their move to Dallas Virginia’s marriage with her husband ended.

There is some great lessons to learn from Virginia’s story. To trust God more, to have a closer relationship with God and to be confident in what God has called me to. Also to appreciate more the freedoms we have.  This is an incredible true story that will encourage and inspire you in whatever God is calling you to. Virginia Prodan is an international human rights attorney and an Allied Attorney with the organisation, Alliance Defending Freedom.